Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional Crushes

Here it is again. Top Ten Tuesday, brought to you compliments of The Broke and the Bookish. This week we explore those fictional characters you can't help but fantasize about.

1. Mr. Darcy. Whenever I think of the ultimate perfect man, I think of Colin Firth as this character in the wet shirt scene. I can't help it. And every time I read this book I imagine Colin Firth in that role. There will never be another for me.

2. Jaime from the Outlander series. If I had this guy waiting for me, I'd find a way to get back to 1700s Scotland too. In a heartbeat. While I didn't enjoy book 2 as much as book one, Jaime still tops the charts on hotness alone.

3. Chang An Lo from The Russian Concubine. He kicks butt for the woman he loves, and he is so mannered and chivalrous. A true knight in shining armor amidst the backdrop of the budding Chinese Revolution.

4. Jack Builder from Pillars of the Earth. What's not to like? He is extremely intelligent, has a deep passion for the woman he loves, and he has red hair. All major plus points.

5. Laurie from Little Women. When I was younger I used to imagine that I was Jo, and that I had given Laurie a much different answer than she did in the book.

6. Peter Pan. Another little girl crush. I wanted to fly off to Neverland with him instead of Wendy.

7. Wesley from the Princess Bride. Oh man of few words and awesome fighting skills. If he asked, I would answer "As you wish".

8. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. This crush was hugely maximized after the movies came out. Wow.

9. John Rimer from Snow White and Rose Red by Patricia C. Wrede. One of the princes from this retold fairytale. But this version makes him much more three dimensional that the original story. He isn't the one turned into a bear-he's the bear's brother. I imagine him to be very cute.

10. Lestat from Anne Rice's Vampire series. He is self proclaimed despicable, but his character is so endearing despite being a vampire, that you can't help but adore him just a little.

so there they are! How does your list compare?


Carmel said...

I agree with Jaime! I LOVED these books. Great picks!

Carmel @ Rabid Reads

Daisy said...

Peter made my list as well! I've always wanted to be able to fly.
I've heard almost everyone say Colin Firth is their favourite, but Matthew McFadyen made me swoon so much more somehow.

Straylights said...

Westley is also on my list. Love him!

My Top Ten

Christina said...

Lestat would probably be my number 11! Great list!

1girl2manybooks said...

Love Mr Darcy, Westley and Aragorn!

Krystal said...

Good top 10!

Here's my Top 10 List

Jen said...

Mr. Darcy is on so many lists this week. I must read Pride and Prejudice soon!

Thanks for participating in this week's topic!