Friday, October 15, 2010


Book Blogger Hop

It's Friday again, wow this week has simply crawled by. But finally the weekend is almost upon us. Crazy for Books has this awesome blog hop, and I love to participate-another reason to love Friday!

The question this week is:  
"When you read a book that you just can't get into, do you stick it out and keep reading or move to your next title?"

This is a really good question. The answer for me is sometimes. I try not to spend time on books I don't like, but sometimes feel a compulsive need to see it through to the end. It's a commitment thing I guess, telling me that I have committed myself to this book and the commitment only ends when I finish. Also, I've come across books where I actually got into them later on, or when the ending redeemed the book, so I also consider this when deciding whether to go on. But if the book is throw across the room horrible, then I have to stop. Life is too short to read bad books.

So what do you think?



Pretty much feel the same way but I don't throw my books across the room unless they are math books. Or science. IMHO they deserve to be thrown out the window! But I too feel the committment especially if I bought them. But, a nice way to get rid of them is to have a contest! That's what I do...Nobody seems to mind. If I checked them out from the library, I don't feel as bad.

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Lover of Romance said...

just stopping by for the hop!!! Hope that you are having a great weekend so far!!!

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Happy Reading!

TheBookishSnob said...

Happy HOP! I think we do it kind of the same. Most times it's a timing issue for me, it not feeling right and that's when I stop and try again later. But there are those that I throw across the room and get rid of as quickly as possible. I agree, life is too short. Enjoy your weekend!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by! It really is a struggle though, isn't it? I am trying to learn how to just put the bad book down though!

Tina said...

Stoppin by from the hop...Love your blog and Im following you now. I agree with your thoughts, I give mine 100 pages...and if I dont like its gone...


Hey, I'm having trouble joing your blog. I'll try later tonight. For some reason GFC won't show up for me.

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Seduced By Books said...

It's hard to keep going, but we chug along
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Straylights said...

I use to feel like I had to finish every book I ever started reading. I complained to my husband one day about how much I disliked one book and he says..."why don't you just stop reading it?"
Stupid men being right sometimes >:o
Now when I read, if I don't like it....I put it down :D I'm much happier now.

Hop on by! :D

Judith Leger said...

I remember once, I started to read a book and I just didn't like it. A couple of years later, I picked it up again (yes, I forgot I'd read part of it). This time my tastes had changed and I absolutely Loved the book from the start to finish. So you never know. If you can't get into it, put it aside for another time. I do.

Carmel said...

Following the hop! Happy Friday!

libertyfallsdown said...

I'm a bit like that - if I've invested time in getting so far into a book I feel a compulsion to finish.

Happy hopping! :)

Liberty x

Hafsah said...

I'm your newest follower hopping through via the Blog Hop! Please stop by mine and follow back ;)
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Svea ~Muse in the Fog said...

Have a great weekend! Just stopped by for the hop :) I usually try to keep going and if I really need to put it down I will try again later... sometimes it was just my mood lol.

Shan said...

I like to try and finish, like you said sometimes books do redeem themselves in the end.

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I still can't see GFC no matter how many times I refresh or pull your page up again. I'm just leaving a note out to sign up tomorrow.

YOu know what, Steampunk is new to me, too. I have no idea what it is. The Gail Carringer Parasol Protectorate mysteries are Steampunk so I'm going to read those and there is a book called Leviathan by Scott Westerfield.

We'll have to help each other.

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It's a Book Thing said...

Hopping past.

I think guilt sets in if a favourite author disapoints and your loyalty pangs pull and you just keep going but in the end - you could be missing out on something AMAZING? who knows...

Rebecca Glenn said...

Hi! Visiting you (and now following, as well) from the blog hop. Stop on by The Book Frog and return the favor, if you have a minute.

Here's my answer to today's question.

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Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Sorry...forgot to put my link:

Phantom Paragrapher said...

Stopping by on the hop, to say Hi and Im a new follower :)

Vicki said...

I'm the same way about feeling committed to a book. I've never thrown a book across the room (though I've definitely threatened one or two) and I hope to never have to. Best of luck with your book picks in the future ;)

The Wolf's Den

Leslie @ Under My Apple Tree said...

Hi.. thanks for stopping by on the hop.

While I've never thrown a book across the room I have deleted a horrible audiobook!

Emma Michaels said...

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Just stopping by to thank you for visiting us at Murphy's Library.

Hope you're having a good weekend :)


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Hopping around for the first very excited about the Tuesday Top Ten you participate in!

Maidenveil said...

Hi, MJ! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Following back. :)

Life is definitely too short for bad books I agree, but like you, the books give me a feeling that I should finish them. It's like leaving things undone or without closure. :D

Have a nice weekend!

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Rhiannon said...

hahahah, that's roughly my theory too. Though a bad book finished lends a lot of material to bitch about!
I'm a new follower. Drop by my blog and share your scary/paranormal reviews, interviews or giveaways all month long on my Giving me the Creeps October links page. And spread the scary with fellow bloggers.

Guta Bauer said...

Hopping back from Murphy's Library and following.


Jo said...

I'll have to check out your Top 10 Books You'll Never Read, that's great!


brandiheather said...

Life is too short to read bad books! LOL. New follower here on the hop! Love your blog!

BrandiHeather @ A Writer's Review