Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Thanksgiving-what are you thankful for?

The upcoming holiday has made me think about what I am really thankful for in my life. Although my turkey day festivities will be somewhat stunted by the lack of available family/friends in which to partake a feast, I can still say that there are a great many things I am thankful for (don't worry-I get family time the day after Thanksgiving. No food, but still good family time). So here are my top ten things. What are yours? Please post and let me know!

1. Family and friends. I am thankful for my family, small as it is, and for my friends, both old and new.
2. My health. Without which I would be able to live my life in the manner to which I've become accustomed.
3. My job. It does more than just pay the bills-it gives me a sense of purpose. And I love the organization that I work for. Being in a nonprofit and working toward something you believe in is endlessly rewarding.
4. Books! My thirst for the written word will never be quenched, and I am thankful that there are so many wonderful books out there for me to explore.
5. The ability to be myself. This is a newly acquired thing for me to be thankful for. I have recently re-discovered myself and feel that I am at last coming into my own independence. I am truly thankful.
6. Humor. Laughter is the best medicine and there is nothing like having a good laugh to cheer you on a dull, dreary day.
7. Love. While I'm not married and not in a relationship at the moment, I am thankful for love all around me. It doesn't have to be romantic love, but also love of beauty, love of art, love of music, and many more loves that I haven't mentioned here.
8. Dreams. We all aspire to something in our lives, and I am thankful for the ability to dream about the future. Dreaming helps us to know what is truly important to us and what we want to achieve in our life.
9. My dog. He is a little fuzzy ball of happiness! Everytime I see his smiling face I am thankful that he is mine.
10. The world around me. There is so much to learn-so much to explore. I am thankful for living in a country that offers up opportunities to become who you want to be-even though there are flaws in the system. I am thankful for the means to travel and learn about other cultures, even though I can't afford to do it as often as I would want. I am thankful to my ancestors for coming to America way back when in order to start a new life, one which would ultimately shape my destiny as well. Many thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!