Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer

A long awaited extra glimpse into the world of Twilight has finally come in the form of Bree Tanner's story, a newbie vampire bred for a single purpose: to beef up Victoria's army to be sent to kill Bella, vampire Edward's love. But Bree doesn't know about any of that at the beginning of the novella. She is 3 months old and still trying to get the hang of being undead. Their 'boss' is Riley, and he looks out for the group of newborns, but Bree knows there is something that just isn't right about what Riley is telling them. She meets Diego, an older newborn, who shares the same reservations, and they become fast friends. But can that friendship last as the vampire army edges closer to their ultimate purpose: a full-out vampire war?

This was a good short story-I enjoyed going back into the Twilight world and seeing the battle in Eclipse from a different angle. Bree is a compelling character, and you wish that her second life wasn't quite so short at the end. Do I believe that Meyer only wrote it to milk some extra cash from the Twilight series? Maybe. But it's her right to do so. People want more Twilight and she has delivered one more morsel. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. I would love a full set of more Twilight books outlining Bella and Edward's second life together, I would like to see Nessie grow up and would definitely like more Jacob. But we don't always get what we want. This little snack of a book was enough for now.

If you like this book, and the Twilight series, check out: Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I believe that this series of books is where the vampire craze of the 20th century began. Start with Interview with the Vampire, a compulsively romantic, beautifully descriptive glimpse into the life of Louis, a centuries old vampire who has lived much and loved and lost. You will be drawn into his world and never want to leave. Fortunately, there are several other books after the first. The Vampire Lestat is next, and will make you love Lestat by the time you're done. Yes, he's flawed, but he is so real and feeling. The other books in the series primarily follow him, but none of them are boring!


Lu said...

I'm glad you also enjoyed it :)
I don't care how much money Meyer gets, as long as she writes more :)

Oh and i love that some of it goes to charity!

Jules@OneBookShy said...

Hi, stopping in via the blog hop. I just finished reading this myself. I really enjoyed it!

I like when some authors go back and do a story from another character's perspective.

One of my favorites, Diana Gabaldon is doing that with her Outlander book. A graphic novel written from the main male character's pov is coming out in September. Should be a fun read.

Have a great weekend!